It takes a profound knowledge of African wildlife to capture the fluidity of movement that Julia achieves in her work. A decade spent living in the bush in Zambia and subsequently Tanzania, has give her a deep and sympathetic understanding of her subjects and imbues her paintings with an intensity that can only exist as a result of such prolonged experience.
As a specialist in both ink and watercolour, Julia's technical capabilities allow her to treat these traditional mediums with a contemporary twist. By using Indian Ink, often enriched with watercolour, she is able to achieve an even greater sense of depth, whilst maintaining the characteristic flowing style and fluid line that is so essential to her work.

Julia's work is found in many collections worldwide, and having returned to England ten years ago she now paints and sculpts from her studio in Hampshire. Following the publication of her first book book “How to Capture Movement in Your Paintings” she runs art courses and workshops from her studio, and works as a specialist art tutor on trips to Zambia, Spain, the Camargue and Greece.